About Us

I-PACSOnline is a healthcare IT company based in Phoenix, AZ that delivers a comprehensive Internet based platform to make digital medical imaging accessible and affordable to all medical facilities and physicians for the first time.

No matter what role you have in your organization; Physician, Director of Radiology,  CFO, CIO, and PACS Administrator, I-PACS online will improve your business.  The energy of getting information out, to the right people on time is what I-PACS online does for you! 

We harvest images and reports, route them (manually or automatic) to physicians or facility that need them, no CDs/ DVDs to be burned transported or mailed.  As an added benefit with no extra cost the images are archived in the cloud for future reference if needed.

IPACS online provides our clients:

•NO more VPNs!  connect to the world!

•Upload unaffiliated CDs instead of storing on your local PACS

•Grid computing for medical images (physicians sharing with physicians)

•Audit trails for every person uploading, sending, receiving, and viewing

•Mac vs. PC ( we support both)

Contact your I-PACS Solutions representative  sales@i-pacsonline.com

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