Could communicating your dicom studies over the web reduce your overhead and streamline your Referring physicians workflow?

Is handing off a CD to a patient to deliver to their physician like mailing your tax return with the USPS (risky)? Is your offsite back-up just a backup?

CFOs pay attention! I-PACS online will improve your business. The energy of getting information out, to the right people on time is what made Fed-Ex and invaluable business model.

We also provide an integrated PACS and RIS functionality at no extra cost!

IPACS online provides our clients:
•NO more VPNs! connect to the world!
•Upload unaffiliated CDs for comparison instead of storing on your local PACS
•Grid computing for medical images (physicians sharing with hysicians)
•Audit trails of every person uploading, sending, receiving, and viewing

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