Regional communication of dicom studies plagues all facilities at one level or another.  Today, the  most common way to communicate dicom studies is via CD and the financial burden of  burning CDs for transport  is between $5- $9 dollars.   The burden cost of transportation,  time wasted waiting and repeat studies vary based on the level of urgency cost $100s to $1000s per case.

Hospitals  struggle to locate patient studies for surgery or procedures prior to patient arrival,  this is vital to outcomes in urgent or emergent settings and costly when they are lost or forgotten.     

Outpatient Imaging Center business model is based on completing as many studies as possible within a day and present results to the referring  physician within 24-48 hours.  Prior studies for comparison pose  an ongoing problem because they are at the mercy of the sender and the most common methods of sending are US mail, local courier, patient or patient family to pick up and drop off.

Physicians face a storm of usernames and passwords to retrieve vital patient information from multiple facilities and centers they refer to.  Cutting down the number
of logins and providing access to the most current information will reduce a physicians time to treat and help improve the referral process.

I-PACS online addresses all  the preceding issues with our secure regional  MI HIE solution.  Our goal is to create a team environment between affiliated and
unaffiliated PACS administrators, radiology directors, physician practice administrators , government and private payers to put an end to this costly dilemma.

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