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Free up your DiCOM Studies!
No matter what role you have in your organization, Physician, Director of Radiology, CFO. CIO and CEO’s, I-PACS online will improve your business. The energy and costs of getting information out, to the right people on time is what made Fedex and invaluable business model. I-PACS online does for you by taking images created, and routing these studies to who needs them automatically or manually. As an added benefit, there is a complete audit trail of all images.

  • Superior service to physicians
  • HIPAA compliant: Secure image sharing (e.g. with specialists and other imaging facilities)
  • Convenience for patients and doctors (no need to travel or carry)
  • Reduction in repeat exams
  • More satisfied patients
  • Reduction in staff time and costs compared to printing film and burning CDs
  • Part of the Health Information Exchange process of sharing information
  • PACS neutral environment
  • Better security (safe from unauthorized access)
  • Reduces costs, from electricity to data storage
  • Low-cost/high-payoff investment

There are no standards outside of your organization so I-PACS online addresses the issue on MAC verse PC, and we don’t care. Either operating system can view and download your images, making this solution hassle free.

I-PACS online has taken this web imaging a step further with the ability to embed your reports to viewing providers.


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