Health Information Exchange
(HIE) for Dicom studies
Improve patient transfers.
Track study communication
Reduce costly repeat
studies. Enhance your
time to treat (Trauma).
Reduce PACS refresh
costs and DR

Economical PACS solution
Remote access to Studies Meet
requirements for Offsite backup
Integrate imaging with EMR.
Reduce the number of physician logins Improve distribution of priors, Replace costly PACS systems Teleradiology

Cloud services cost less than traditional outsourced services — in some cases a lot less. According to the providers surveyed, the amount of savings depends on the type of service offered, but a general rule of thumb is between 20% and 50%. Some providers claim savings even higher — up to 70% or even 80% in some cases. Pay one monthly fee for HIPAA compliant content management and unlimited access to imaging studies for authorized physicians anytime, anywhere."

I-PACS Online Revolution

Recent studies like the one from  Forrester Research report date June of ’09 “Cloud services have a compelling value proposition over traditional outsourcing.



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